Kristi Ward Stephens, Attorney at Law



How We Can Help You With Your Case.

  • Obtain physicians' statements, hospital records, and other relevant medical evidence to support your case.
  • Request that the Social Security Administration send you to a medical specialist for a consultative examination.
  • Review correspondence sent to you by the Social Security Administration.
  • Make a written or verbal motion to modify your alleged onset date for strategic advantage.
  • Research developing areas of case law.
  • Prepare you to testify in Court.
  • Ask the necessary questions at the hearing to present your case most effectively.
  • Ensure that you receive a fair hearing to present your case.
  • Cross-examine vocational experts or medical experts that appear to testify at your hearing.
  • Request that the Judge issue an on-the-record decision, if appropriate.
  • Lay the proper foundation for remand or reversal on appeal.
  • File an appeal brief with the Appeals Council, if necessary.
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